TrailKeg Gallon Package – Stainless Steel

128PC-SS    |    $269.99

You love craft beer fresh from the tap. Glass growlers start going flat as soon as you open the lid.

TrailKeg keeps your beer cold for up to 24 hours and perfectly carbonated.
You're a homebrewer and love to share your latest creation with friends.
The TrailKeg Gallon makes it easy to keep your homebrew cold and carbonated.

Included: TrailKeg Lid, TrailKeg Gallon Growler, Chrome Tap, Picnic Tap, Dual Stage Regulator, Dip Tube, 2x CO2 Cartridges

    TrailKeg Lid:

    Corny Keg Ball Lock (Liquid Out)
    75psi Manual Pressure Vent
    Quick Disconnect Regulator Port (Only compatible with TrailKeg Regulator Included)

    TrailKeg Gallon Growler:

    128oz – Stainless Steel
    Vacuum Insulated

    Chrome Tap and Picnic Tap:

    Standard Ball Lock Disconnect
    High Quality Beer Tubing

    TrailKeg Regulator:

    Quick Disconnect Design
    Dual Stage for Accurate and Consistent Pressure
    Compatible with 16g CO2
    0 to 30 psi range

    Product Specifications:

    Package Weight(Empty): 5.4 lbs (2.4KG)
    Package Weight(Full): 12.8 lbs (5.8KG)
    Package Dimensions(In Packaging): 6.5in X 6.5in X 20.5in
    Package Dimensions(Out of Packaging): 6.12in X 6.12in X 15in (To top of ball lock)