ThinOptics FrontPage Manhattan Black Reading Glasses + Milano Case 2.0

MBMAN2.0BISR    |    $64.99

Inspired in part by the hustle & bustle of city life, the full frame Manhattan Reading Glasses offer the convenience of a waiting taxicab, the versatility of a neighborhood bodega, and the allure of Park Avenue living. And like a corner coffee shop, they’re always in reach — especially in a pinch!

The 4mm thin Milano Case elegantly houses these uptown readers like a brownstone under the bridge, ensuring a nicely tucked away vibe while still being close to the action.

Available in various lens strengths and frame colors, pop the Manhattan Reading Glasses + Milano Case in your purse or pocket and head into the The City in style!

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ThinOptics you’ll never lose your reading glasses again, because they’re stored right on your mobile phone
The provided adhesive tape allows the Pod to be attached to your phone or any hard flat surface, a tablet, car dashboard, or employee id badge
The Pod is roughly the size of a credit card, so you’ll no longer be annoyed by shoving bulky reading glasses into your purse
Our patented flex-grip technology enables ThinOptics reading glasses to flex open and grip onto virtually any nose
Our patented technology includes: Lenses produced from thermo-injection molded optical grade poly-carbonate

Attaches to any phone case