JabberKat Distribution Inc. is a Canadian distributor of consumer electronics. From headsets and speakers to sports and outdoor products, our small, boutique-style business model allows us to work closely with national retailers and to focus on the success of the brands we represent.

Products with a Unique Offering

JabberKat is selective about the products it distributes. It’s not about the number, but rather the quality. Carefully and methodically, we choose consumer electronics that have a unique offering – something that sets them apart from mainstream goods. Believing strongly in each of our products, JabberKat Distribution invests confidently into brands poised for success in Canada.


Retail Relationships

JabberKat works with numerous retailers from local and national stores, to sports shops and dealers. Always bringing new, interesting and trusted products to the Canadian market, we are a distributor that stands behind its brands. We understand that every retailer has unique terms, requirements and special demands which is why we work hard to provide a custom-tailored service that exceeds expectations.

Brands We Represent

JabberKat collaborates with brands it truly believes in. With a keen eye for great products that serve a valuable purpose for Canadian consumers, we go beyond listing and selling SKUs to create and develop complete go-to market strategies. The close relationships we build and maintain with our retailers give us the in-depth knowledge we need to bring new brands to market successfully.


Experience, Scope & Strategy

JabberKat’s sales team is motivated, driven and highly experienced within the Canadian distribution landscape. The retail contacts we’ve solidified over the years bring us to the forefront of the industry and make us an excellent choice, particularly for new products and brand startups who need guidance and support to enter – and conquer – their respective markets.